- Universal Czech Hand grinder and flocker. Way to healthy life.

seed grinder


Czech hand grinder and flocker for seeds. Great preparation of quality and nutritious food.

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  • Grinds, crushes, flakes
  • Thrifty
  • Reliable
  • Resistant
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what to grind

  • Cereals
  • Seeds
  • Spice
  • Legumes
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  • Description
  • Properties
  • Function
  • Accessories
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Do you want to support your strength and zest for life? Do you want to be vital,
in balance and enjoy the gifts of life in your health?

grinding fresh - grindig all!

With the Melsi grinder, you can prepare a high-quality diet of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and exceptional flavors. All these properties have only freshly processed natural ingredients in natural, preferably organic quality. Why eat purchased oatmeal, which is only beneficial in fiber, when valuable substances have been lost through heavy processing and long-term storage of flakes? Do you want to melt grain or legumes? Seeds of sesame, flax, sunflower or pumpkin are only in a freshly milled state fully vital and digestible as much as possible and beneficial to the body. Freshly ground cumin, cloves, star anise and other spices will smell the olfactory senses and increase the nutritional value of the food.

Do you want to give the body the best fuel for its performances and still be fit? Do you want to be naturally healthy with a balanced nervous system, resistant to infections and degenerative diseases?

grinding fresh - grindig all!

The secret of a strengthening diet is in its quality and freshness.

Manual grinder Melsi is a quality, reliable and versatile Czech product, whose properties will be used by several generations. They differ significantly from similar grinders and flaskers (eg Eschenfelder, KoMo, Waldner Biotech, Schnitzer, Agrisan, MARCATO…) by the fact that the rollers are driven by sprockets and the stainless steel hopper is replaced by a wooden container into which the ground raw material falls. The design of this grinder makes it easier to operate and maintain than others. The used materials are environmentally friendly and demonstrate ecological sustainability.

Melsi is ideal for preparing high-quality, vital and nutritionally nutritious food for the physically and mentally working, for all ages including baby food preparation, specially formulated diet for athletes and a strengthening diet for the elderly and the sick.

Acquisition of this mill is an ideal investment to prevent, maintain or restore health. It will be a good and indispensable help in your kitchen.


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